Energy Conversion and Storage

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Research, development and expertise in converting and storing energy from renewable sources are becoming increasingly important to meet growing demand for economic development and domestic consumption.

We face new challenges as we progress from traditional non-renewable fossil fuels to increase renewable energy from wind wave and solar power in our energy mix. These sources are intermittent and not always available on demand. We need new engineering, technology and specialists to capture, convert, store this energy when plentiful, and deliver it on demand.

Our academic and industry experts have designed this course to grow your understanding and skills in the interconnection between different forms of energy, the fundamental thermodynamics which limit the efficiency of energy conversion, device design limitations, and the different ways in which energy might be stored.

If you are already working in the renewables sector and keen to advance your career — or in oil and gas and wanting to develop your career in the fast-growing renewables field — this is the ideal course for you, and Aberdeen the ideal provider.

Already a ‘World Energy City’, Aberdeen is rapidly becoming a global centre for renewable energy, both in the field and in the research lab. Over a hundred companies are active in this region. You’ll learn from highly-experienced university experts and industry leaders now putting theory into practice.

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In general, applicants are expected to hold a relevant degree, however alternative/lower qualifications combined with an appropriate level of relevant experience may also be considered as a means for entry.

All students entering the University, including online courses, must provide evidence that they can use English well enough to study our programmes effectively. Details of our English language entry requirements can be found on our English Language Requirements webpages. For details of our pre-sessional English courses see our Language Centre website

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12 weeks 150 hours

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