Римская архитектура

3 месяца
В любое время
Описание курса

Римская архитектура — это курс для людей, которые любят путешествовать и хотят открыть для себя силу архитектуры, влияющую на политику, общество и культуру. Язык — английский. Есть русские субтитры.

Программа курса
  • Introduction to Roman Architecture
  • It Takes a City: The Founding of Rome and the Beginnings of Urbanism in Italy
  • Technology and Revolution in Roman Architecture
  • Civic Life interrupted: Nightmare and Destiny on August 24, A.D. 79
  • Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Houses and Villas at Pompeii
  • Habitats at Herculaneum and Early Roman Interior Decoration
  • Gilding the Lily: Painting Palaces and Villas in the First Century A.D.
  • Exploring Special Subjects on Pompeian Walls
  • From Brick to Marble: Augustus Assembles Rome
  • Accessing Afterlife: Tombs of Roman Aristocrats, Freedmen, and Slaves
  • Notorious Nero and His Amazing Architectural Legacy
  • The Creation of an Icon: The Colosseum and Contemporary Architecture in Rome
  • The Prince and the Palace: Human Made Divine on the Palatine Hill
  • The Mother of All Forums: Civic Architecture in Rome under Trajan
  • Rome and a Villa: Hadrian“s Pantheon and Tivoli Retreat
  • The Roman Way of Life and Death at Ostia, The Port of Rome
  • Bigger is Better: The Baths of Caracalla and Other Second-and Third-Century Buildings in Rome
  • Hometown Boy: Honoring an Emperor”s Roots in Roman North Africa
  • Baroque Extravaganzas: Rock Tombs, Fountains, and Sanctuaries in Jordan, Lebanon, and Libya
  • Roman Wine in Greek Bottles: The Rebirth of Athens
  • Making Mini Romes on the Western Frontier
  • Rome Redux: The Tetrarchic Renaissance
  • Rome of Constantine and a New Rome
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